Essential Information

Training £165 per person
Assessment £195 per person

Course Duration
Training - Two full days
Assessment – three days and two nights

Course Dates
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About the Expedition Module
The Expedition Module is an additional module for qualified Trail Cycle Leaders (TCL), Mountain Bike Leaders (MBL), British Cycling level 2 & 3 MTB Leaders. Holders of the Expedition Module would be able to lead expeditions only within the terrain covered by the remit of their MBLA/BC leader award remit.  An expedition is defined as a trip of one or more nights, where the group is entirely self-sufficient.

Expedition module
The Expedition module may be delivered to both TCL and MBL (and level 2 & 3) holders. Certificates will be identical regardless of the terrain that the training was carried out in. It is acceptable for TCL/level 2 holders to attend an Expedition module being run in terrain that is out of scope of TCL/level 2. However, the operations
of qualified TCL/level 2 + Expedition Leader are restricted to TCL/level 2 terrain. Tutors will carefully screen participants on Expedition modules to ensure that participants can cope with the physical and technical demands of the chosen terrain. (Some TCL/level 2 holders can cope with long gruelling cycles and some cannot.) The type and choice of terrain and the physical and technical abilities required will be carefully explained to candidates before enrolment. (MBLA criteria)

The module is in two stages, a two day training course followed by a three day (2 nights) assessment.

Expedition Module Training (ratio 1:8)
Cycle 4 Adventure offer Expedition Module training course, over a weekend or two days midweek. The course covers:
Access and camping
Tents and camping equipment
Food and nutrition
Carrying equipment
Trailside Repairs
Planning and Preparation of Expeditions
Day one is centre based and day two is a practical day, which includes riding with all the expedition equipment.

Expedition Module Assessment (ratio 1:4)
Cycle 4 Adventure offers the 3 day assessment, over an extended weekend or three consecutive days mid week.
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