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About the Expedition Module

Until recently, the Expedition Leader Module has been run by Scottish Cycling under the MBLA awards.

However, the bolt-on modules are currently being developed to fit into the new British Cycling - Mountain Bike Leadership awards.

Neil from Cycle4adventure have been involved in the development of the new modules and we hope to be running PILOTS for the new up-dated British Cycling - Mountain Bike Leadership awards  Expedition Leader when it become available.

Please get in touch if you would like more information on the new British Cycling - Mountain Bike Leadership awards Expedition Leader module.

(In the mean time, as a Mountain Bike Technical Advisor, we offer accreditation for Expedition Leader, including training and assessment for qualified MTB Leaders wishing to lead MTB expeditions and Bike Packing.

 Expedition Module Training (ratio 1:8)

Cycle 4 Adventure can offer an Expedition Module training course, over a weekend or two days midweek. The course covers:

Access and camping

Tents and camping equipment

Food and nutrition



Carrying equipment

Trailside Repairs

Planning and Preparation of Expeditions

Day one is centre based and day two is a practical day, which includes riding with all the expedition equipment.

Expedition Module Assessment (ratio 1:4)

Cycle 4 Adventure offers a 3 day assessment, over an extended weekend or three consecutive days mid week.