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Training £90 per person
Assessment £90 per person

Course Duration
Training - either two evenings or one afternoon and evening
Assessment – One evening

Course Dates
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The Night Ride Leader Bolt-on module is an additional module for qualified MBLA Trail Cycle Leaders and Mountain Bike Leaders, and British Cycling level 2 & 3 MTB Leaders, to enable them to work in conditions outside the ‘daylight only’ remit of their award. The Module will enable leaders to work in Night Time conditions, however, they must operate to within the remit of their award. MBL/level 3 award holders will be able to lead in more technically difficult and remote terrain. The duration of any route chosen must also be within the battery life of lights.

The module is in two stages: A seven hour training course, at least 50% is practically based during darkness, followed by a 3 hour assessment, which is entirely during darkness.

Night Ride Leader Training (ratio 1:8)

We can offer the following Night Ride Leader module training courses to suit your needs:-
Single day option - over an afternoon and evening.
Two evening option – over two separate evenings, often in two separate weeks
The course covers: trailside repairs in darkness, night navigation, clothing and equipment, dealing with emergencies, group control, bike lights, bike preparation and planning.

Candidates must hold a valid TCL,MBL, level 2 or level 3 MTB Leadership award, including a current relevant First Aid Certificate and be a member of British Cycling. Candidates should have a minimum of 4 Off-Road Night Rides of 2hours or more logged in their logbook, of which 2 should be in terrain appropriate to the level of award level (TCL, level 2, MBL, level 3).

Candidates will be expected to attend the course adequately prepared to lead a ride. Lights will not be supplied by the Tutor, but advice can be given on choice of lights.

Night Ride Leader Assessment (ratio 1:4)
We run the 3 hour assessment over one evening or night.
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