Course overview

The Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Award is ideal for anyone with experience in mountain biking, who is either working or looking to work in the outdoor sector or simply has a personal interest in gaining all the information needed to go out on their mountain bike, be safe and have fun. The majority of the training is practical and takes place out on the trail in some of the best MTB areas in the UK.

A practical assessment will follow after a consolidation period of approximately six weeks allowing sufficient time for you to hone all those new skills and knowledge you have obtained during training.

Essential Information



£215.00 per person


£120.00 per person

Course Duration

Training 2 days

Assessment 1 day

Course Dates

Please see our calendar, or contact us to discuss your individual requirements and private hire options.

Training Course Pre-requisites

To attend the training you will need to:

Training Course content:

The course covers a wide variety of topics including:

- Planning and delivery of rides that are appropriate for your group.

- Leading techniques for effective group management.

- Map reading and navigation for a flowing journey.

- Management of accidents and emergency situations.

- Equipment set-up and trailside repairs.

- Core mountain bike techniques.

British Cycling level 2 Leader Training (ratio 1:6)

We can offer the following level 2 courses to suit your needs:-
Standard course
2 full days (day one 8am to 7pm and day two 8.00 to 5pm)

“Weekend” course

1 evening and 2 days (9am to 5pm) usually over a weekend, but could be mid-week
Longer course
3 day course (either consecutive days or 1 day a week, 9am to 5pm each day), ideal for school, outdoor centre, youth work staff etc. for mid week release. Course allows more time to be spent on requested areas of the course; including navigation and trailside repairs.

Assessment overview

The assessment consists of a written assessment and a full day practical assessment that takes place out on the trail in some of the best MTB areas in the UK.

The practical assessment consists of an all-day mountain bike journey (of approximately 40km in distance), during which each candidate will be assigned to lead a section of the assessment route of up to 10km working with a ratio of 1:5. You will be expected to deliver a flowing journey whilst demonstrating good leadership and navigational skills.

The assessment procedure is informal and is designed to help you develop your skills as a mountain bike leader. The group you lead can consist of other riders who are also being assessed on the same day and/ or riders who are there, simply to fulfil the role as participants on the ride.

Assessment Pre-requisites

To attend the assessment you will need to:

- Have completed a level 2 MTB leadership training course.

-Hold a current two-day outdoor First Aid certificate issued by an HSE registered provider and provide evidence prior to the assessment.

- You will need to provide us with logbook evidence of having undertaken a minimum number of rides in the appropriate terrain since your level 2 training course.

- Have completed the written assessment and returned it to us no later the 7 days prior to your assessment date.