Essential Information

£75 per person

Course Duration
One afternoon and evening

Course Dates
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Night Riding
For those wishing to enjoy the thrills of Night Riding for themselves, we can offer you a eight hour course to prepare you for the adventure.
The course, usually run over an afternoon and evening, includes information on the extra equipment needed to ride off road in the dark, types of light available, safety, repairs, night navigation and of course riding in the dark.
Pre entry requirements
This course is for people who wish to explorer the mountain bike routes in the dark.
All riders must be able to ride confidently on rough single track trails (experience of some easier red trails or wild country rides is beneficial but not mandatory) and competence with the techniques covered in the level two skills course. (Click here for level two course). Knowledge of map and compass work is also required.

Ratio 1:6

Example of course itinerary
Planning, safety and equipment
Types of lights
Trailside repairs
Night Ride (will involve navigation practice)
Questions and answer session
Review and close

Equipment List
Bike (with reflectors)
Cycle computer
Front and rear lights
Hat to fit under helmet
Head torch
Full finger gloves
Clear glasses
Waterproof jacket and trousers
High visibility vest, clothing or stripes
Warm clothing
Spare clothing
Drink for during ride (non fizzy, must be carried)
Small rucsac, to carry everything (not more than 30 litres!)
Map of the area (optional)
Compass (optional)
Food and drink for the whole session
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