With over 30 years of experience in delivering ADVENTUROUS ACTIVITIES, we understand the many different reasons that people take part in these activities; and its  importance to the Wellbeing of us as humans. To this end our activities range from Gentle activities in the forest, to advanced Skills training; so whether you are looking for a gentle walk in nature, or an advanced MTB session, we will support you and help you develop.

We offer a range of “Open” courses or sessions that you can book on and join other like minded people; or you could book a “Private Hire” session or course for yourself or your group. Private hire sessions or 100% tailored to your.

Our activities are not just about taking part, they are about encouraging you to develop your potential: to discover and value environment around us, to grow in skill and confidence.

If you are interested in bring a group, please visit our Schools & Groups page (click here)

If you are looking for a more relaxing session, our WOOD’N’YOU sessions are designed to provide a positive environment and situations where you can go at natures pace discover new things and skills and enjoy our surroundings. (Click here to go to Wood’n’You page)

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Our locations

We have official Forestry England permits to operate in the forests listed below. We also are licenced by AALA allowing us to operate in “Wild Country” throughout the UK, including the amazing moorland, valleys and hills of North East England; as well as into Mountain and wilderness areas of England, Scotland and Wales.

Our regular Forestry England forests are:-

Our Activities

We have a wide range of activities, to suit most groups:-

Forest School and Bushcraft skills

Our Forest School and Bushcraft sessions are designed to allow children, young people and adults to develop skills and confidence, as well as to relax and work at a more sedate speed, in line with natures pace; activities can include:-

Guided Walks

From gentle low-level walks in one of our forest settings, taking in the sights, sounds and nature in our Woodland settings, to high level Mountain walks within our amazing North Eastern country side, or throughout the UK.

Navigation training

Whether you are looking to discover the basics of how to navigate or to become self-sufficient in you navigation; we offer Introduction to navigation courses, up to a multi-day Mountain navigation courses.


Orienteering is a fun way to discover an area, using navigation skills and a map of that specific area. Ideal for children and adults alike, looking to seek new challenges in life. Orienteering can be competitive, or a nice relaxing way to discover a new place. We offer training and sessions for both Orienteering on foot and on bike.

Alpine Skiing

We are able to offer Ski lessons for groups and individuals on local “Dry”/Artificial Ski Slopes and work with you,your family or your group in one of the Scottish Ski resorts.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Available for individuals, families or groups looking to experience the thrill of “paddling your own canoe” on one of the local gentle rivers.