Go-MTB Leader Orientation Course (ratio 1:8)

This course is a one day orientation which enables successful candidates to become Go Mountain Bike (Go MTB) instructors. Go MTB is a mountain bike proficiency course covering four themes: riding skills; first aid; being independent and self supporting; and sharing the outdoors. There are 5 levels of proficiency across these four themes.

The course is for current mountain bike instructors holding a CTC, MIAS, MBLA or British Cycling qualification, such as Trail Cycle Leader (TCL) or Mountain Bike Leader (MBL).

Successful candidates will be approved as instructors at either Level 3 or Level 5, dependent upon their personal skills and previous qualifications

Essential Information


Course £130 per person

Course Duration

Course – One full day

Course Dates

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Go Mountain Bike is a mountain bike proficiency course suitable for individuals, schools and groups of all ages and abilities. There are 5 levels of proficiency across these 4 themes:

Candidates can mix and match the themes and levels according to their interest. The principle aim of the scheme is to support individuals to develop the skills to make independent journeys into the outdoors.

Cycle4adventure is an official Go-MTB Instructor Training Provider at all five levels of the proficiency award. .