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Forest School offers a unique experience that offers children, young people and adults the opportunity to succeed and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland environment; at any time of the year and in most weather conditions.
We use the natural environment to allow children, young people and adults to gain confidence and respect for themselves, other people and the environment around them. The experiences to allow people to develop socially and physically through carefully tailored opportunities; inspiring children, young people and adults to achieve new skills, develop confidence and self-esteem, whilst working in an enjoyable and supportive environment
Bushcraft courses offer the chance for individuals, families and groups to learn the essential skills of survival in the woods & wild. Skills include shelter building, leaving no trace, fire lighting and different types of fire, cooking on an open fire, safe use of tools, useful knots, making useful gadgets from natural materials and identifying trees, plants and wildlife.
Forest School & Bushcraft

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